A stylus that creates drawings in the air thanks to virtual reality

Can you imagine being able to draw in the air? Well, soon it won’t just be a matter of imagining it, because the VR Ink stylus will make it possible. With this prototype created by the Logitech company, architects and artists will be able to make any number of completely accurate designs, and yes, although it still seems like a crazy idea, you can carry it out in the air, and all with the help of the magnificent virtual reality.

This stylus prototype has the ability to create two-dimensional images if done on a table or a sheet of paper, so far so relatively normal. But, the most fun and impressive part comes when we can see a perfect 3D image in the air. And, you may say: bah, that’s not new, something similar already exists! But, unlike other existing devices with similar technologies, users of this particular one will be able to hold it just as they would any traditional stylus, with an accurate stroke result.

A stylus to reduce the production time of designs

This innovative device has a grip function and a pressure-sensitive tip to move 3D objects at will. In addition, it has a mini touch panel designed to be able to manipulate the content freely and move it around the space. So, what you do is very simple, when you have made the drawing in 2D, i.e. on the table or paper, it is just a matter of “extracting” the image in 3D form and this will help to reduce production times significantly.

The stylus, which was presented at the Augmented World Expo in California, was created for that primary purpose: to reduce design production time.

Jeff Meisner, executive director of Logitech’s Digital Sector, said at the prototype unveiling that:

“We have already reduced the production cycle of a full-scale aircraft from several years to less than six months.”

For his part, company CEO Doug Fidler said:

“The VR Ink stylus, it’s probably 40 percent faster and 40 percent more accurate.”

But, as we already know that this is a prototype, the stylus is still in trial version, i.e. we do not yet know when it will be commercialized. However, company representatives said that before its official launch, they will test the device with potential partners in order to perfect the experience.

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