Apple’s chatbot is up and running: company employees started using it internally

Apple’ s chatbot appears to be a reality. The company did not want to be left behind in the artificial intelligence race and has developed a bot that has already seen the light of day, at least for Apple employees.

As reported by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the company started using an internal chatbot that helps its employees prototype new features, summarize text and answer questions.

Although Apple has not yet established what the function of this chatbot will be, it is a tool that will surely be part of the company’s products in a short time. Apple joins Google and OpenAI in developing a tool based on artificial intelligence, so it hopes not to be left out of the race for new technologies.


What are the functions that Apple’s chatbot will fulfill?


At the moment, Apple’s chatbot is only being used among Apple employees. According to what Gurman reported, Apple is looking at some alternatives for the use of artificial intelligence in its products. It has not yet been specified what its plans are, although it was slipped that it could be part of the AppleCare staff tools. In this way, the chatbot will be used to improve the user experience in resolving problems.

However, whatever Apple’s plan is with artificial intelligence, it won’t be something in the near term. According to a company source, there will be a very important announcement related to artificial intelligence, but it will be for next year.

At the moment there are no plans to incorporate this chatbot into user-facing Apple products, at least in the coming months. The caution is probably related to the fact that it first expects to develop the tool to avoid errors in use, such as sharing false information or so-called hallucinations.

Despite these precautions, there is no doubt that Apple has already joined the competition for artificial intelligence tools and it is not something hasty. In 2018 for example, it hired John Giannandrea, the former head of AI at Google.


Apple shows caution in the use of AI tools


According to Apple CEO Tim Cook in June, the company is closely analyzing the uses of artificial intelligence applications. However, he also expressed concern about the lack of regulations needed to control this type of tool. According to Cook, regulation would struggle to keep pace with the progress of AI, as it is developing by leaps and bounds.

Continuing along these lines, it should be noted that Apple has banned its employees from using bots such as Chatbot in their work, due to the information leaks that can occur. Other companies such as Samsung have gone down the same path, mainly to prevent confidential and sensitive data from being leaked through these tools.

We will have to wait to see what developments Apple’ s chatbot will include and what place it will occupy in the artificial intelligence race that has already taken off with everything.

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