ChatGPT designed its own robot: is it a cause for concern?

In another example of what artificial intelligence is capable of, ChatGPT has designed its own robot, together with a group of European researchers. It seems that the bot designed by OpenAI is getting better day after day and the latest news is that it has managed to design a robot to be used for food collection.

There is nothing new about the great impact that artificial intelligence has had on today’s world. Every day there is a new development related to it and numerous applications and websites are incorporating this technology in different ways.

The novelty of ChatGPT shows that it is constantly evolving and, above all, that it still has no limits to its capabilities. This also opens the debate about the scope of this technology and whether or not it should generate concern.


What did the new ChatGPT development consist of?


The robot was created in conjunction with a research team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). The results of the research were published in the journal Nature Machine Intelligence.

The researchers followed the decisions made by ChatGPT regarding the design of the robot. The curious thing about this is that the bot also offered suggestions for the implementation phase, such as what type of material to use for better collection or what type of engine would be most suitable.

The result was a robot for tomato harvesting. This robot consists of a type of mobile platform that has wheels and includes a robotic arm. Through this element, the tomatoes can be harvested efficiently. Herein lies the main design curiosity that impressed the researchers for the efficiency. According to ChatGPT’s instructions, the robot’s picker hook was to be shaped like a claw and an egg in order to remove the tomato more efficiently. In addition to this, he also decided that the hook should have a coating of a rubber-like material to avoid damaging the tomatoes.

The decision to create a tomato harvesting machine was also ChatGPT’s decision, as he felt it was the most economically worthwhile food to grow in the long run. According to Francesco Stella, one of the project’s researchers, the engineers were involved in a more technical way. Another of the participating researchers clarified that there were also some inconveniences, mostly due to some misinformation from ChatGPT.


What can be expected from this artificial intelligence bot capability?


Many are the alarms that generate each of the news like this, about the capabilities of artificial intelligence. The truth is that this technology is still under development, so it is not yet known what scope it will have.

In response, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman dismissed the possibility that this type of technology could do anything against humanity.

However, he also clarified that he has a kind of device with which he could shut down all ChatGPT servers in case an apocalypse occurs or the artificial intelligence starts to have harmful intentions for humanity.

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