Apple Vision Pro: virtual reality glasses with unique technology

Apple’s new product promises to start a revolution. It is the Apple Vision Pro, the virtual and augmented reality glasses that were presented at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

They will go on sale early next year and the novelty of this product is that it has a transparent screen. This allows users to continue to see what is around them when using it and, in this way, all the applications that are being used appear on this background. It is a way to mix reality with the virtual world in a very interesting way.

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There is no doubt that this is a great investment by Apple. It is a high quality product that offers an incredible experience, with many functionalities to explore. It is a mixed reality lens, i.e. VR and AR that offers voice, hand and eye controls.

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro is one of Apple’s most important launches, although its price has already generated controversy. The retail value of the glasses will be $3499, a much higher price than some of its competitors.

What does the Apple Vision Pro offer?

There are many functions offered by these virtual reality glasses. According to what Apple mentioned in the presentation to justify the price, it combines the functionalities of different devices. According to the company, these glasses could replace a TV, a sound system, a game console and a powerful computer.

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Users wearing these glasses can open applications, view content and interact with documents. Immersive sound is one of the features of these glasses, offering spatial audio for a better overall experience.

The battery is another highlight of the Apple Vision Pro. A cable with the battery protrudes from the back of the lens, so the user can place it wherever it is most convenient. While it has a two-hour battery life, these lenses include the option to plug into a power outlet with USB-C for uninterrupted use. Its simple and good quality design makes it a comfortable product to use, compared to others of the same type.

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The screen resolution is of high quality. Each of the Zeiss lenses has 23 mp and 4k resolution, with pixels 64 times smaller than those in an iPhone. At the presentation, there was praise for the dual displays for each eye and the high resolution rarely seen in these devices. It also features micro-Oled technology and allows 3D visualization of elements.

What kind of content can be displayed on the Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro easily integrates with other Apple products. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, this device will change the way people communicate, collaborate, work and enjoy entertainment.

The objective of exploiting this new product is to create exclusive content adapted to the glasses. Apple partners with Disney to create new experiences for Vision Pro, such as virtual Star Wars cinemas, augmented reality replays of sports or experiences with Marvel content.

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