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In Russia, cows wear virtual reality glasses Yes, cows!

Surely, these cows are the envy of the rest of their kind in the world, and with just cause, as millions of people pay daily to be able to live a virtual reality experience. However, the novel privilege is available free of charge to a select group of cattle in Russia. Don’t you think it’s incredible?

The most incredible thing is that these cows have been designed with custom-made glasses, all with the sole purpose that when they wear them, the animals believe they are in the middle of a completely green meadow and thus manage to forget the harsh winter they live in Russia.

This is not just a simple experiment, in Russia cows with glasses are serious business!

Images of cows wearing virtual reality goggles have been shared thousands of times on all social networks in Russia. That is, considering that this is not a version of those cute kittens that we can see everywhere both on Facebook and Instagram. No, this is about something more serious!

Actually, this is an experiment of the Moscow Ministry of Agriculture and Food. But what is it all about? Basically, what they are looking for is to be able to reduce anxiety in animals in order to increase their milk production.

Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informed through a press release:

“Examples from dairy farms in different countries show that, in a quiet environment, the quantity and sometimes the quality of milk increases dramatically.”

According to the statement, the Ministry explained that each cow used a virtual reality system specifically adaptable to the “structural characteristics” of their heads. In this way, they are able to design a “completely unique summer field simulation program”.

In addition, they reported that the initial tests showed very positive results. Well, they increased “the overall emotional mood of the herd,” for which the researchers in charge of the project will begin to examine the effects of such a program in a long-term study.

That said, the Ministry was optimistic that they hope to expand the project throughout Russia and thus solve future problems of possible milk shortages.

And there are precedents!

However, you should know something: it is not the first time that something with these characteristics has been tried, since, in Cuba, Fidel Castro implemented a similar experiment. What they did was to refrigerate the cows’ heads with a kind of clothing, with the sole purpose of producing more milk. It did not work!

Do you think this experiment can be a solution in the future to increase milk production in those places where it is scarce?

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