Duet AI, Google’s new tool with artificial intelligence

Google’s new Duet AI product promises a revolution in Workspace. It is a tool based on artificial intelligence that works as an assistant for writing and for different tasks.

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It was presented at the event where Bard was also launched, at Google I/O. In addition to assisting in the drafting of various documents, Duet can also be used for the organization and optimization of work processes. According to the search engine company, Duet will have several functions in Workspace. At the moment, it is available to those who sign up as testers, although it is expected to be open to the public soon.

What are the functions that Google’s Duet AI will perform?

The most important role Duet will play will be in the application suite, i.e. Docs, Sheets and Slides. Google Docs is where the Help Me Write function will be located. Unlike other tools that were already in use, for example, in Gmail, it not only suggests text, but can put together a complete mail. You have to upload a brief description of what you want to write and the tool creates a complete draft, according to the description you asked for. While the answers may be somewhat inaccurate or incomplete, it is a tool still under development.

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According to Kristina Behr, Google’s vice president of products, the tool is being tested for job applications and customer letters. For now this is an unlimited and free feature, although it was not specified whether this will continue to be the case when it is opened to the general public. It is possible that, in future updates, this text generator will rely on previous information from other e-mails for the wording.

Duet’s writing assistance will be offered in English, Spanish, French and other languages. It can also be configured to achieve the desired style of writing for best results.

In Slides and in Meet there will also be news through Duet. For the video call application, the tool will generate unique backgrounds, while for Slides you will also be able to create original images from a minimal description. These images will be incorporated into the presentations, without having to resort to image banks. In the same way, Duet can suggest the text accompanying these images

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In the case of Sheets, Duet will be used to organize data and information within a sheet, in addition to the possibility of creating customized plans. Users will have to upload indications about what they want to do and Duet will work out a plan based on this.

Duet AI, the artificial intelligence revolution at Google?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has arrived to transform people’s daily tasks. Duet AI is just one example of this, and of the endless possibilities of this type of technology. This Google assistant will surely be adding new functions day by day, although it is already a promising tool with the current functions.

The ability to obtain unique images to enrich presentations or create e-mails with just a few simple prompts will become an everyday part of people’s tasks.

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