Apple seeks to protect itself from Pegasus with “blocking mode”.

Pegasus-style attacks are of utmost concern to technology company Apple. The Cupertino firm is launching “lockdown mode” as a feature where users can address “serious and specific threats to their digital security”. In addition to everyday users, the intention is to protect journalists and human rights activists. The latter are often the target of attacks launched by government clients using spyware, such as Pegasus.

Apple seeks to protect itself from Pegasus with

Apple expects the new configuration to be ready in the second half of this year. The company expects this new tool to prevent spyware attacks. In addition, to safeguard its users from the different current techniques for digital espionage. The new “blocking mode” is intended to stop serious and specific threats to digital security.

Apple and prevent cyber attack

The proliferation of mercenary spyware is leading more and more technology companies to invest in tools to prevent equipment hacking. In many cases, even famous ones, control has been achieved remotely. This has been generating concern among the various global handset manufacturers.

For many years, for Apple, Pegasus-style threats from various spyware programs to its customers were not a concern. However, these latest moves by the firm make it clear that it is recognizing the seriousness of the issue. In any case, Apple has never given accurate numbers regarding the number of users who have suffered some kind of Pegasus-style attack.