5G networks have not been deployed, but China is already exploring 6G

That’s right, Chinese researchers are about ten steps ahead of the rest of the world, for while the commercialization of 5G networks is still being promoted, they have already begun to explore what will be the sixth generation of mobile technology. That said, you should know that China will formally begin research and development of 6G networks in 2020, with the goal of commercialization by 2030.

In March of this year, Miao Wie, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, stated that China intended to begin exploring avenues for research and development of 6G technology this year. For this research, they have assembled a team of 37 telecommunications experts from universities, research institutes and companies who will be responsible for the design of its technical characteristics.

In addition, according to statements by Su Xin, head of the working group to develop 5G networks within this portfolio. China expects 6G networks to extend coverage to even higher altitudes and to offer transmission speeds of 1 terabyte per second. This means it will be ten times faster than 5G.

5G networks have many advantages, but what 6G would bring will be a revolution

Su Xin said in an interview with the official Securities Times newspaper:

5G networks have three advantages: high bandwidth, low latency and wide connections. Well, 6G will perform better in these three scenarios, it can revolutionize the structure of the entire wired and wireless network.”

In addition, Miao Wie, added:

“The 6G network will contribute to the development of digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet and to the improvement of satellite communications with mobile networks.”

For now, companies such as China Mobile, continue to promote the commercialization of 5G, (which provides data speeds 20 times faster than 4G) with commercial targets this year. This was revealed last November 9 by Li Huidi, vice-president of this company, in the middle of the 5th World Internet Conference.

5G network services will initially be available in at least 50 Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.

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