Technology industry trends by 2025, according to Huawei report

Huawei recently released a second edition of a report called Global Industry Vision (GIV), on trends in the technology industry for the year 2025. The objective of this, according to the company, is to analyze them and to serve as a strategic guide for the deployment of ICTs in the coming years. The information for this analysis was obtained from the Chinese multinational’s quantitative data and real-world use cases on how the technology is permeating every industry worldwide.

Technology industry trends: Bots

According to the GIV, there will be a global penetration rate of 14% of domestic robots by 2025. Primarily, this will be made possible by advances in materials science, perceptual Artificial Intelligence and finally network technologies, which are driving the adoption of robotics in a myriad of domestic and personal scenarios.

Different vision of the world

The correlation of technologies such as 5G, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), machine learning, among others. They will allow us to see far beyond what we see today, that is, according to Huawei, we will have new perspectives for people, culture and business. Therefore, the report suggests that the percentage of companies and not only in the technology industry, but in all fields that will use AR or VR, will increase by 10%.

Immediate assistance

By 2025, it will not be necessary to search; on the contrary, information will anticipate our needs. Therefore, in the future, searches will be button-free, personal social networks will be created effortlessly and the technology industry will benefit from “zero search maintenance”. According to Huawei’s report, it is expected that 90% of owners of next-generation devices will use intelligent personal assistants.

Tailor-made streets

In the future, intelligent transportation systems will be interconnected with everything, people, cars and infrastructure. Thus, a zero congestion scenario will be possible, as well as rapid response in emergencies and other functions that, of course, will make people’s lives much easier. IGV predicts that 15% of cars will have Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology.

5G is gaining ground

According to Huawei, 58% of the world’s population will be able to access 5G. That said, this breakthrough will see faster deployment in the coming years than any other wireless generation we know of so far.

Other technology industry trends described by Huawei in the IGV

Automated industry
Augmented creativity with new technologies
More data and more analysis
Collaborative economy
Global digital governance.

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