YouTubers kidnapping: conspiracy or reality?

YouTube has become one of the most important media worldwide. Thanks to the hours and hours of videos here, it is common to see that many people have switched from television to this media. But for that reason conspiracy theories have had more traction lately, and the kidnapping of Youtubers is one to know about.

Youtubers: The new stars of the screen

PewDiePie, ElRubius, Dross, Vegeta777 and WereverTuMorro have become true stars of the multimedia screen. Young people with charisma and talent for certain topics launched themselves on Youtube as a way to get ahead, so they called them Influencers or Youtubers, and their awareness is increasing every day.

These examples are just a few of the many youtubers on the web. In fact, this job has become quite a dream for young people of the 90s and 2000s, which turns out to be extremely well paid if you achieve certain numbers of subscribers. Some buy them, others advertise their channel and some are kidnapped?

The issue of kidnappings and Youtubers have gone hand in hand, especially since 2017 when some cases became more acute. This has brought many theories and conspiracies, and below you will learn everything that is said on the net about this interesting topic.

Kidnapping of Youtubers: A debatable phenomenon.

It all started when several groups of fans of the youtuber, Mariana Joyce, began to notice that her videos began to have a stranger touch. According to users, the videos showed Mariana looking strange, sad and sending subliminal messages that she was in need of rescue. Various theories began to emerge, but the message was clear: She was kidnapped.

In addition to Mariana, other youtubers such as Alex Vlogs or Louise Paxton had a ”similar fate”: Disappeared and allegedly kidnapped. Users of the most remote forums on the Internet showed evidence of the before and after, even uploaded to their respective channels. The Kidnapping of Youtubers was more and more frequent.

The conspiracy theories revolved mainly around knowing whether or not it was real. The first posts from users of media such as Twitter or Reddit mentioned that these women were kidnapped by cybercriminal gangs acting from the Deep Web, obviously asking for a generous ransom from the families.

But some say they are just faking it to get publicity on their channel. This is not at all unreasonable, since as soon as the kidnapping is made public, the activity in videos, subscriptions and mentions in social networks increases in a more than colossal way. Something quite interesting.

The kidnapping of YouTubers has generated controversy, but it is one of the most important open debates in the whole mysterious world of the internet. Do you think they are real or just techniques to increase visitation?

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