Will robots rule the world?

We have seen many movies where the world of the future is dominated by machines, or where machines gain superior intelligence to humans, resulting in the decline of humanity as we know it. These theories are increasingly thought of as possible rather than mere science fiction fantasy, leading us to wonder whether robots will one day rule the world .

Will robots rebel against humanity? Is Artificial Intelligence the beginning of our extinction? Not even experts in the field can answer these questions with certainty.

Machine learning of robots

The concept of Machine Learning has recently become widespread among technology companies, which translates into English as machine learning.

Machine Learning provides robots with a type of intelligence so that they are able to learn and reason about specific tasks without prior programming. This type of learning can be based either on previous experiences that help to make decisions according to new information that enters, or based on the search for patterns in order to predict new events.

Artificial Intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds. Sex robots are an increasingly surprising example of their ability to interact with human beings, leaving the sexual area limited to the functions of socialization or even accompaniment that some of them can even fulfill.

If robots have the ability to hold dialogues with people, and as a conversation progresses develop new ideas and their capacity for awareness increases, will they be able to acquire at some point the awareness of subjugation and power relations, rebelling against them?

It is even theorized that they could develop a personality of their own, being able to mimic the functioning of a human brain and its reactions. These speculations give rise to the idea that robots will dominate the world, surpassing human beings .

What are the opinions about Artificial Intelligence?

Robotics advocates warn that robots mean only good omens for a more advanced society, and that they translate into the facilitation of a great many tasks. Meanwhile other opinions, such as that of Tesla owner Elon Musk, are more disturbing. The inventor assured: “The development of artificial intelligence could mean the end of the human species”.

Some detractors also argue that the constant automation of jobs generates a lack of employment, since tasks that were always intended for people are nowadays performed by robots, at lower cost and faster.

Scientist Ben Goertzel created an android named Sophia, which mimics human facial expressions with high fidelity. The creator states that “robots will be smarter than humans and, in fact, in many areas they already are.”

Perhaps while we are still wondering whether or not a rebellion is possible, robots are already conspiring against humanity, we will not know if robots will dominate the world unless it ever actually happens.


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