Youtube tests an AI tool to summarize videos

Youtube joins the platforms developing AI tools to add functionalities. This time, the functionality will be used to automatically generate short summaries of the videos.

Youtube is introducing many new features, not only with artificial intelligence. It recently introduced voice search, so users can find favorite songs just by humming their music. In addition to this, Youtube Shorts also incorporated the possibility of live broadcasts, in an attempt to compete with the platform of the moment, TikTok.

It will probably not be the only YouTube tool that uses artificial intelligence. The video platform is also planning to develop a generative artificial intelligence for the detection of videos that are violating rules.


What is Youtube’s AI tool for summarizing videos?


Android Police was the one who discovered the information on a support page. The company stated there that it is experimenting with artificial intelligence to generate a brief description of the video. The goal of this is to provide users with a quick to read summary so that users can easily decide if it is an interesting or suitable video for them.

Summaries created by artificial intelligence will not, at least in principle, replace video descriptions, which are produced by the creators. However, according to what Google reported, it is likely that these short descriptions will be the ones that appear in search engines.

There is no estimated date for the implementation of this tool, as it is currently in a preliminary stage in a smaller number of videos and only in English.


The platform is also testing an AI tool for dubbing.


This is not the only artificial intelligence-based tool being developed by the popular platform. In June, it was announced that YouTube will have an AI tool for creators to translate and incorporate voiceovers in different languages for their videos. This is an important functionality for video creators on the platform, as it will help them reach a more diverse audience.

The company behind this interesting functionality is Aloud, which is part of Google startups. The tool works as follows: it first gives you a transcript of your video, which the creator can edit. Once the final transcript is ready, the voice-over is created to be incorporated into the video.

It should be noted that, at least for the moment, Aloud only offers dubbing for videos in English and can do so in Portuguese or Spanish on its website. Those who want to test the tool can do so through this page, although there is a waiting list.

Surely, when the tool is incorporated into Youtube there will be a greater availability of languages for dubbing.

There is no doubt that YouTube’ s relationship with artificial intelligence tools has just begun, as with other platforms. There will surely be a revolution in the way content is offered and created on the web with the emergence of this type of artificial intelligence-based functionality.


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