Google AI search is improved: now citing sources in its answers

Google’s AI search may in the future revolutionize the way we use the great search engine. It is a tool under development but it is already receiving some adjustments to be launched soon. In this case, the improvement consisted of including the citation of sources through reference links within the answers provided.

This Google tool is called Search Generative Experience or SGE and will be a big change when it comes to searching for information on Google. Although it is still in a preliminary stage, it could be the new way users use the search engine. Although surely the final product will be somewhat different from what is being seen now, mostly because of some drawbacks that it would be presenting.


What is the improvement applied to Google’s AI search?


Prior to the implementation of this new feature, this generative search tool displayed its sources only when the user clicked on an icon. In addition to this, it did not show direct links, but instead showed the websites from which it obtained the information in its responses. The modification that has been incorporated consists of including direct links in the response provided by the tool. Google stated that the tests carried out showed that users feel that the information is more understandable if it is available within the general description of the search. The attached links take users directly to the source of the information provided by the AI tool.

SGE is available only in the United States and through a waiting list. It is not easy to access as it is located within the Google Labs proving ground. However, the company expects to expand access to SGE and will expand to countries such as Japan and India in the near future.

The font citation is only one of the changes that the tool is likely to receive. There is no estimated release date to the public, but the fact that it is only available to registered users suggests that the final result is still a long way off.


Google’s AI search tool is already generating the first controversies


We must remember the problems with Bard or ChatGPT, the tool of the moment, where there were hallucinations of artificial intelligence and somewhat controversial answers. Google’s new SGE tool does not seem to be exempt from these controversies as it provided unusual answers. In some of them he described the benefits of slavery as boosting the plantation economy or funding universities. On the other hand, he also offered information about the benefits of genocide and guns, assuring that guns can prevent more than 2 million crimes per year.

Google stated that the quality of information may vary and generative AI search is experimental. Work is underway to improve the searches and results offered by artificial intelligence, but it will surely take time before it can be a mass-use product.


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