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Youtube Music mimics TikTok’s feed to attract audiences

Youtube Music is renewed with the aim of attracting more audience and offers Samples, a new tool. Like other platforms, they decided to copy the style of TikTok, which seems to be the social network that sets the tone for everyone.

In the case of Youtube Music, it seeks to attract more users by using a type of feed similar to that of TikTok. In this way, short videos of favorite artists or similar will be shown, with the aim of discovering new songs. The new Samples feature is yet another one that offers short videos in vertical format to try to attract users’ attention and get them to spend more time on the platform.

What does Samples consist of and what is its objective?

Gregor Dodson, Director of Product Management for Youtube Music, stated that the platform’s new style of feed seeks to attract younger listeners. This type of audience uses the short video format as a way to find new content on social networks. In the case of Youtube Music, it will be a way to find new music, either from favorite artists or new artists. For this, the feed will be assembled based on user preferences from the likes on the songs or according to recent interactions.

Samples seek to expand the content with which the user interacts, but always within personal preferences. In addition to this, it is a way to incorporate video content into the platform for an immersive type of experience. Another interesting feature of Samples is that users who use it will be able to use the song in their creations in Shorts.

According to Dodson, this type of format had already been discussed internally, even before the appearance of TikTok. What they were looking for was a way to better utilize videos on the platform and easily combine it with music. For example, when you find a Sample that you like, you can like it to be taken into account by the algorithm to suggest new similar songs.

Samples is also a very useful tool for artists. According to what was published in the application, it offers another way to find new audience and create a community on YouTube. He adds that Samples, along with additional tools such as Shorts, music releases, live presentations, etc., provide a virtual platform from which a community can be generated.


When will the new Youtube Music tool be available?


The new Youtube Music tool is already available, although it has been enabled progressively. Those users who access the platform and do not yet have the Samples tab available should update the application. If it does not yet appear, it is possible that the functionality has not yet been activated in the region.

It should be remembered that the Youtube Music platform is part of the Youtube Premium package or can be purchased individually.