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Device-to-device pairing: Android 14 to arrive with this new feature

A new feature that Android would bring would be the possibility of linking devices, similar to the tool offered by Apple. As published by journalists Nail Sadykov and Mishaal Rahman, Google will soon allow linking different Android devices that are logged in with the same account.

Although there is not much information about it, this linkage would allow functions similar to Apple’s Continuity program. Through this program, devices can be linked in such a way that they can receive phone calls on any of the linked devices. Undoubtedly, this is an interesting and very functional tool, so users are surely anxiously awaiting confirmation.


What functionalities will inter-device linking enable?


It should be noted that Google has not yet issued any official information on the issue, although perhaps it will be included in the Android 14 version that is about to be released. According to Nail Sadykov in the code of the new OS update, there is a section called Connected Devices, although it is not yet available in the beta version.

However, the post made on Twitter by Rahman includes an image from which some details can be seen. The main thing is this Apple-like functionality. The user will be able to select a Call Switching option which is what allows transferring calls from one Android device to another. Rahman’s tweet also adds that it will be possible to share internet between devices, so that users can have a personal hotspot between devices.

If the tool is similar to Apple’s, devices that are associated under the same Google account will be linked. In addition to calls, in Apple linked devices can send files to each other and even start working on one device and then continue on another at the point where they left off.


Will there be other new features in the release of Android 14?


In addition to the possibility of device pairing, Android 14 would bring other interesting new features. In this regard, the last beta version was launched before its official release, which will be in a few weeks.

Among the new features, there is something that will bring relief to more than one user of this operating system. These are full-screen advertisements that interrupt viewing and can also be difficult to close. Given this, in Android 14 there will be an option to revoke permissions on these ads and thus avoid the inconvenience they cause. Permissions can be revoked on specific applications, so that essential applications such as the clock and alarms can continue to use this resource.

The beta version of Android 14 will be available for Pixel smartphones from 4a to 7a, Pixel Fold and also Pixel Tablet. Reportedly, the beta version is number 5 and will be the last one prior to the release of the final Android update. The operating system is expected to be available in September, although there is no confirmed release date.