WhatsApp trick: auto-sending messages to yourself can be all too useful

You will not deny that at some point in your beautiful existence the following has happened to you: you are in a hurry, alone on the street and you need to retain a piece of information you are being given, you cannot forget a phone number, an email or anything of utmost importance. What are you doing? Well, you probably take what you always have at hand, your cell phone, open the messaging application and send the data to another person who doesn’t even know what you are talking about. We know you do it that way, to save certain information instantly, but that can change because with this WhatsApp trick you can auto-send messages to yourself.

The world’s most famous messaging application is known for its obvious features such as chats, calls and video calls. However, it is not surprising that many people use it as a personal agenda when there is no other place to store important information, which can often be compromising when having to explain to the interlocutor what this information means.

WhatsApp trick that will save you at any time

This WhatsApp trick will surely help more than one, the idea is to have a personal chat, a chat only yours in which you send you those data or relevant information without having to explain anything to anyone. You can perhaps, write a list of things to do during the day and then pin the chat, so every time you have to open the application you will have at first sight everything you need, especially if you pin or pin the conversation.

For this reason, while the application does not make a new update of its functions in this sense, that of having a personal chat, you can go ahead and with this WhatsApp trick get ahead and achieve it:

From the contact book

There are two possible ways to create chats with yourself. The first and simplest way is to add your number to new contacts, then search for it from WhatsApp and start the conversation that is only with you.

However, not always everything is so simple, because your mobile may not allow you to self-add to WhatsApp, do not worry you can do this:

  • Enter the number in your app.
  • Go to details or options
  • Choose the option to write via WhatsApp and that’s it!

Recycle a forgotten WhatsApp group

This WhatsApp trick consists of deleting the members of the group, and there you have your blog of notes at the moment you need it.

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