WhatsApp makes it easy to “escape” from groups you dislike

The most popular messenger in the world, WhatsApp, has been working so that you can “flee” from groups without arousing suspicion. Currently, when leaving groups, the application informs you with a notification. Generally, the biggest inconvenience is to face the disappointment of those who ask or want to know the reasons for the departure. Everything seems about to change.

WhatsApp makes it easy to

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, explained that they have been working on the function of making it possible to leave WhatsApp groups silently. According to The Guardian, administrators will be receiving a notification. This allows you to infer that the departure will not be totally secret; however, this new function is better than the whole group asking about the causes that led to your departure.

Groups and their fashion in WhatsApp

The boom of the groups led to the formation of a group for each activity with three members. New features are also being prepared for the next update of Meta messenger. The most prominent will be the block on taking screenshots of messages. Mainly, those that come configured for “view once”.

This initiative has been extracted from a function that Snapchat, the pioneer app in the field of ephemeral messaging, has. It should be clear that this decision does not guarantee privacy. Particularly because people on the other side of the screen can take a picture of what is coming up on their smartphone.

Zuckerberg confirmed that a feature that makes it possible to hide online status has been in the works since July. With this it will not be possible to know when the application was last used.