Whatsapp HD videos: latest update brings important new features

HD videos in Whatsapp are already a reality. The popular messaging application now allows sending content of this quality, both videos and images. These and other new features are now available to users who download the latest version of the application.

In addition to the possibility of sending and receiving multimedia content in HD quality, Whatsapp includes other interesting new features. Some of them are the use of password in Whatsapp web, screen sharing in video calls and the ability to read messages from a group prior to login.

How will HD videos be sent on Whatsapp?


Regarding HD videos in Whatsapp, it should be noted that you will not be able to choose a quality higher than 720p. Videos with a definition of 1080p (FullHD) or 2160p (4K) can only be sent in HD quality. However, this update is an improvement with the quality of the videos that could be sent previously, even though it only allows up to 720p.

When sending a video, select the HD option that appears at the top of the application. There you can choose the quality of the video to be sent, either standard 480p or HD 720p. When choosing the option, Whatsapp clarifies that videos in standard quality take up less storage space and are sent faster.

As with HD videos in Whatsapp, the application also allows sending HD images, in a similar way. In both alternatives, HD quality cannot be configured by default, it must be chosen manually each time you want to send a file of this type. The HD option, of course, will also not appear in those videos and images that do not have this quality.

What are the other new features of the latest Whatsapp update?

In addition to the ability to send and receive HD videos on Whatsapp, the latest update also has other interesting new features.

Regarding groups, the option to create anonymous groups, i.e. without a specific name, is now available. These groups will have a limit of 6 people and will be assigned a name based on how each user registered the other members of the group. In other words, the denomination will be different for each user.

In addition to this new feature, it will now also be possible to share the screen during a Whatsapp video call. This is very useful in the work environment as well as to improve family and friendship communications. Like other messaging applications, you can choose to share a particular application or the entire screen. This allows to adapt to each type of communication, and not to have a predetermined option.

Finally, another of Whatsapp’s new features is the possibility for new group members to read messages prior to joining. Currently, new participants in a group can only access messages sent after they join. With the new update, they can read messages up to 24 hours before they are added. Like HD videos in Whatsapp, it will be a feature that can be chosen in each of the groups, and will not be enabled by default.

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