TikTok prepares to offer messaging features

TikTok continues to be one of the applications of the moment. Although it has messaging-type functions, it is not a platform that is characterized by sending messages.

However, the Chinese application plans to incorporate a messaging platform for which it would be putting together a team called TikTok Social. The company ByteDance, owner of TikTok is looking for different roles to fill in this team, which gives an idea of what the new application could be.

TikTok is planning to expand and is exploring different options. Messaging functionality would be one of them, to which music and also podcasts are added. Recently it also incorporated text functionalities, as a preview of what could be the messaging in this social network.



What is the objective of this Social TikTok?


According to what news website Axios discovered, the goal of the TikTok Social team is to facilitate meaningful user connections through the TikTok messaging experience. From the company stated to Axios that the core of the application remains entertainment, without revealing whether or not they are working on developing a messaging application.

Searching for the different roles for the team offers more information about TikTok’s plans. One of the positions to be filled specifies that your duties will be to monitor user profiles, stories, messaging, comments, etc. That is, all components of what could be a completely new application, so it could be deduced that it will not be integrated with TikTok.

There are many questions about the path that TikTok will take. There is no doubt that it will be something to talk about, like all the functionalities of this social network. It should be remembered that its algorithm is today the one used by Twitter and Instagram.


ByteDance’s social network also launches music streaming application


In addition to plans to have a messaging app, TikTok is expanding to offer music streaming that aims to dethrone none other than Spotify. For the moment it will be available only in

Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia and Singapore, although it will be a beta version.

Users who want to get to know this platform must have a TikTok account. The new application will allow you to play, browse and also download music. It will have a three-month free trial period and will be a subscription-based service.

Some of the functions that this new platform will offer are: Synchronizing songs with the TikTok user account, creating collaborative playlists among friends, finding full versions of viral hits from the application and also importing playlists that are external.

At the moment there is no release date for the rest of the world, nor is there a specific date for the launch of the full application, as so far only the beta version is available.

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