Twitter App Store downloads have dropped drastically after name change to X

Apple’s App Store is seeing a large decline in the number of downloads of the X app, formerly Twitter. It seems that the name change, the most radical modification so far, has not been well received since the percentage of users downloading the application has dropped.

This information was released by Eric Seufert, a media strategist. Analyzed X or Twitter application download charts from July 27 to August 15. What he observed is that there was a decrease in the number of downloads of the application after the change of name, when it changed from Twitter to X.

The question is whether this decrease is due to the name change and the constant comings and goings of the social network or there is some other reason behind it.

What is the reason for the decline in downloads of the X application?

According to Seufert, one possible explanation is that most consumers are not aware of the name change from Twitter to X. In addition to this, the name change also included a radical logo change, a further obstacle for users to find the former social network of the little bird. According to Seufert, Twitter searches in the App Store show genuine results, but are in no way reminiscent of that social network. This puzzles users, who do not find in the new appearance of X any reference to Twitter or the previous logo.

The numbers shown by X in average downloads are even more worrying when compared to other applications with the same popularity. TikTok and Whatsapp maintain the average number of downloads. Mark Zuckerberg’s new social network that emerged as competition to X, Threads, also continues to do well in terms of downloads. In some periods it even surpasses Whatsapp and TikTok downloads while Twitter fails to rebound.


New Twitter rule goes against Google Play and App Store rules?


In addition to the drop in the number of downloads of the X or Twitter application, there is a new controversy. Elon Musk’s latest change to the social network would be the elimination of the option to block users. In addition to the widespread dissatisfaction and the threat of abandoning the platform, there is one aspect that the owner of X did not take into account. This decision would violate Play Store and App Store rules, as they clarify that social networks must include tools to avoid abusive situations. Both download sites clearly specify that they must offer the option to block users and content.

In the event that Twitter removes this option it could be unceremoniously removed from download stores. This would be a further complication for the application, which already has low numbers in the number of downloads. Users will have to use the web version of X or use another option to download the app outside of the App Store or Google Play, which could end up affecting the number of users who use the social network.

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