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We tell the story of Facebook through its failures

The social network Facebook has been one of the most popular platforms in recent years. However, it is true the popular saying that not everything is perfect, because in the history of the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg there have been written a variety of stumbles or, to put it better, failures.

Below, we will tell you about the history We will not talk about Facebook from another point of view, we will not talk about its achievements and all that it has done for humanity, because here what matters to us is what have been those times when the social network has disappointed its users and, we suppose, its owner as well.

Facebook: a story told from defeats

First version of Facebook app

When the heyday of cell phones began, the incredulous Mark did not think that the novelty was going to transcend much, he thought it was going to be a passing fad and, on the contrary, history has shown us the opposite. So Facebook was careless and did not invest enough in this first version of the Facebook app, and what they did was to simply replicate the web version on mobile devices. Then, of course, they had to invest more time and money to come up with a decent app.

Facebook’s cell phone

Zuckerberg, made several attempts to have his own smartphone and, although it is true that he succeeded, he launched the HTC First. This was one of its great failures, as it was only sold in the USA. and did not even reach 15,000 units sold.

Give a touch

Do you remember them? They were something very similar to Messenger’s doorbell, but when Facebook tried to replicate this feature to greet friends or strangers (it was fun at first but eventually turned out to be boring), so we stopped using it and they eventually removed it.

Find Friends Nearby

Another great failure to write in Facebook’s history. It quickly disappointed due to its feature that allowed sharing the location (general or exact) of a user. This was definitely an invasive feature that everyone ended up quickly rejecting.

Lasso: the latest in social network history

Have you heard anything about this? Well, probably not, and that is the reason for one of its latest failures. This is an app that imitates TikTok in everything, with the aim of gaining popularity where the Chinese app has been taking a big piece of the pie.

Do you know of another failure to add to Facebook’s history? We read you!