Sex robots can cause harm to humans

U.S. researchers warn of the dangers posed by artificially intelligent sex robots. The reason for this statement has to do with the psychological damage and moral threats that these androids cause to individuals and society.

On the other hand, researchers have claimed that this technology is not being sufficiently monitored, as agencies are apparently embarrassed to inquire about it. This is why they are calling for more measures to be taken to prevent the excessive use of sex robots.

Sex robots: substitutes for human relationships?

Dr. Christine Hendren, of Duke University in North Carolina, told the BBC that:

“Some robots are programmed to protest or create a rape scenario and others to look like children. One of the developers of this type of sex robot is an admitted pedophile, who says that this device acts as a prophylactic against hurting a child again.”

And it is that, some sex robots are marketed online. For example, a U.S. firm, Realrobitx, released a video promoting its Harmony robot which is priced between US$8,000 and US$10,000.

Harmony is a life-size doll that can blink and move her eyes and neck. In addition, he also moves his lips and speaks. She is gifted with a Scottish accent and says phrases like, “if you play your cards the right way you’re going to get pleasure and enjoyment.”

To this, the company’s founder and executive, Matt McMullen, comments that Harmony has artificial intelligence, which allows it to develop a relationship with its owner.

“It will remember things about you, your preferences, experiences, and what you don’t like.”

For her part, Kathleen Richardson, professor of Robot and Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Culture at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, wants this type of marketing banned, because:

“Basically, these companies are telling you not to worry, if you don’t have a friend or life partner, they can create a robot girlfriend or boyfriend for you. A couple’s relationship is based on intimacy, attachment and reciprocity. These are things that cannot be replicated by a machine.”

Is surveillance the solution to the problem?

Richardson therefore advises the creation of a group to monitor this type of product.

The campaign against sex robots is working with regulatory experts to veto claims that they can safely replace human relationships.

Finally, Richardson added:

“Will we have a future where we continue to normalize the idea of women as sex objects? If someone has a problem with their partner, you deal with it by talking to the other person, not normalizing that you can have a robot in your life that is just as good as a person.”

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