This Instagram feature lets you know who you interact with the most

With this Instagram feature you will be able to decide if you want to receive notifications of others’ activity, in addition to being able to manage your list of followed accounts. This simple tool allows you to know which are the accounts you follow the most and those you follow the least.

You can access this function by selecting the “followed” tab in your personal account. Subsequently, you will see two categories: the accounts with which you interact the least and those that the application generally shows you in your feed.

In the case of the accounts with which you interact the least, you will be able to make a count of the profiles you follow and on which you rarely comment, react to their stories or indicate that you like them. It also includes a “following” button so you can decide if you still want to include it in your list of accounts.

And in the one that the application shows you in your feed, it will allow you to see which accounts have the most posts in their feed during the last 90 days.

And there’s more, here’s what the new Instagram feature has in store for you.

In addition, the new Instagram feature will show you a list of the accounts, people and hashtags you interact with the most. This is determined by some variables such as comments on mutual photos, conversations and reactions to stories. You can also sort the list by the date you started following each account.

If you want to manage notifications or perhaps mute an account in order to see less information about it without unfollowing it, you can select three dots next to each name in the list. This tool will allow you to choose whether you want to receive notifications of the account’s activities (IGTV, publications, live videos, among others) or mute it. Instagram will at no time notify them of your decision.

Finally, you should know that this Instagram feature includes elements that already exist on Facebook. In case you didn’t know, the tools there are “take a break” which appears when you select the “friends” button on your profile. In addition to “following”, in which you can select how often you want to see the account information.

Do you like this Instagram feature? Give it a try, maybe it’s time to give a new look to your social network.

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