Twitter Blue now has a re-launch date

Elon Musk has already released the date for a new Twitter Blue presentation, in an attempt to make Twitter Blue “rock solid”. There arises, as the first concern of the users of this application, whether it will be even more solid than the first time it was launched. The social network of the little bird has been working on recovering the ability to buy a blue check mark. In any case, this update would still have several weeks to go before being available.

For the CEO of Tesla and new owner of Twitter, the relaunch of this feature should be happening by November 29. Musk understands that this is the ideal date “to make sure it’s rock solid.” Blue check marks, on Twitter, are used to prove the identity of a person or an organization. Recall that, after Elon Musk took over the social platform, this blue ticker was available at $8 per month. This paid subscription caused absolute chaos in the social network and its users, with many accounts impersonating others and sharing fake news.

Improve Twitter Blue

Currently, the secondary gray checkmark, which actually proves one’s identity, does not yet have a defined criterion for obtaining it. At first, it turned on, then had an impasse, and then turned on again to verify the user’s identity. Then, in these first days of complication in the social network, also the subscription to Twitter Blue disappeared.

This caused many, but not all, blue check marks to go with this functionality as well. Now we know for sure what happened, Twitter ended up eliminating the function to think things through. All of this is a product of Musk’s insistence on launching or modifying certain features quickly. Many of these changes were live trial and error for users. Elon Musk himself was known to tweet that “Twitter will be doing a lot of dumb things in the coming months.”

Constant changes

Among the “inconveniences” that have occurred in recent days, and which remain unresolved, is the one linked to two-factor authentication on Twitter. In recent times it has not been working properly and it seems that we will have to continue to wait. Many of these problems have been linked to the massive layoffs that the social network had after the change of command. After Musk acquired the firm, the company laid off nearly half of its full-time employees.

The layoffs were highly chaotic, given that, while Tesla’s CEO was “cutting” employees, there was massive criticism of the workers. Some reports, which have been leaked, is that Twitter has asked some former workers to return to their regular duties. On legacy blue checkmarks, Twitter gave some away before the $8 value was set for purchase, but these will disappear. This was stated by Elon Musk in a tweet, when he said that “all unpaid legacy blue check marks will be removed in a few months”.