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TikTok and the new shaming trend of Generation Z

Those who have grown up with Instagram and Snapchat, the so-called Generation Z, are in the balancing act. The latest trend in TikTok is the criticism of the previous way of being of a whole generation in their first experience with social networks. The Chinese application, all the rage since the Covid-19 pandemic, is used to remember those things published in pre-adolescent moments.

TikTok and the new shaming trend of Generation ZThe trend, which can be taken for funny or amusing, is much more profound for this Generation Z. This is the first generational group that grew up carrying social networks in their pockets. We are talking about a generation that, from early adolescence, used the networks religiously. Today, almost a decade later, he is taking stock in another social network, TikTok.

Generation Z and its retrospective look at the future

Users of networks such as Snapchat or Instagram made a memory of what they used to post when they were 11 or 13 years old. There, different inventions were proposed based on images searched in Google Photos. Also remembered were published photographs of trips or outings around the city, such as shopping in a supermarket or shopping mall.

Some users stated that today they can see those mistakes, which they are ashamed of, and that they were made because they were the first generation online. Added to this, from the looks of several publications on TikTok, this can be useful to new young people so that they don’t post embarrassing things. This new trend in the Chinese app also aims to help pre-teen digital natives learn from their mistakes so that they can make better use of social networks.