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Tesla to face new racial discrimination lawsuit

A group of African-American employees have filed a lawsuit against Tesla. Some 15 people claim that Elon Musk’ s company did nothing to stop racism in the workplace. Through the Bloomberg website, it was learned of this situation that was set in motion at the factory in Fremont, California.

Tesla to face new racial discrimination lawsuitThe lawsuit, which includes former and current Black Tesla employees, was filed last week in a California court. There is a detailed account of racial slurs, derogatory comments and harassment, also racially motivated. Phrases such as “slavery”, “plantation” or “Negro” are common in the work environment. The complainants, through this legal filing, also seek to come clean about the working environment in the company’s factories.

Tesla’s environment for minorities

Musk’s firm recounts in the complaint the presence of racist graffiti on restrooms, benches, lockers and workstations. Phrases, according to the whistleblowers, such as “KKK,” drawings of swastikas and the N-word could be seen. Tesla management is also targeted in the lawsuit.

The plaintiff group has indicated that the top management has been known to participate in the harassment of employees. It was also pointed out that they ignored the complaints and the various reports submitted in this regard. In addition, reprisals have been taken against those workers who “reported and complained about the discrimination” they suffer.

Jasmin Wilson, a former Tesla employee, alleged harassment by both co-workers and managers. These, Wilson detailed, were both racial and sexual. Management, according to Wilson, did nothing in the face of the complaints and generated policies directed at her for her complaints.