Threads loses subscribers after its initial success

The social network Threads, which promised to disrupt Twitter, is losing more and more subscribers. More than half of the users who had registered on Meta’s new platform have cancelled their accounts.

In the first days after its launch in July, it reached more than 100 million users. The maximum number of daily active users reached 44 million, but at the end of July it only had 8 million registered users.

However, despite Threads’ notorious downturn, it’s not something Mark Zuckerberg is overly concerned about. According to Reuters, Meta’s CEO considers the drop in the number of users to be normal. He added that tools should be implemented to add and retain accounts, as well as to increase uptime within the platform. Currently the average time people spend on Threads is 2.9 minutes, when at launch it was 19 minutes.

What tools will be implemented in Threads to retain users?

Threads is a microblogging social network that became the direct competitor of Twitter or X, according to its new name. The comings and goings of Elon Musk’s social network and the constant modifications have caused users to look for alternatives similar to Twitter. However, the initial enthusiasm waned, so now Meta has to implement more interesting functionalities. The goal is to re-engage users, especially those disappointed in Twitter’s new CEO.

This is why Mark Zuckerberg announced that the web version of Threads with all the tools will be launched soon. For the time being, users of this social network can log in through web browsers but with limited functionalities. For example, they can search only for other profiles and not for publications or keywords. Similarly, to share publications they can only copy the link of the publication and do not have access to simpler options.

New functionalities are also expected in the search engine and user profiles. For example, there will be a new option in the profile, where you will be able to find the publications that the user has liked. The option will be Your Likes and will be accessed directly from the profile.

Another new feature of Meta’s new social network that has already been implemented is that it allows you to change the order of the posts in the feed. As in the old Twitter, you can choose between the most recent or the oldest first.

What will be the future of this new Meta social network?

While there was a lot of initial excitement about Threads, it has not yet become serious competition for Twitter. Despite the instability that this social network has today and the problems it faces, it is still too early for Threads to be a valid alternative, according to Similarweb, a web analytics company.

For now, Meta is working on tools that allow it to retain and increase users’ screen time in Threads. It is still too early to predict a failure or a resounding success of this new social network.

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