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Xbox games can be streamed directly on Discord

In a new collaboration between Microsoft and Discord, Xbox games will be streamed live on Discord. The union between the two began last year when the possibility of integrating the console to the voice chat application was enabled.

In this way, Xbox players could send messages to Discord without having to leave their games. This has now been expanded and players will soon be directly transmitting their plays on the popular application.

While there is no specific launch date, it is expected to arrive shortly. At the moment, it is only available to users of the Xbox Insiders program. This group has the possibility of accessing the new features of the console before it is available to the general public.

Discord is a very popular platform among gamers. It offers the possibility of forming communities that can communicate through chat groups. Written messages can be sent, voice messages can be sent and videoconferencing is also possible. It is used on mobile devices and also has PC versions.


What is the advantage of this new partnership between Discord and Xbox?


In September last year, collaborative work began between Microsoft and the Discord platform. At that time, integration between the application and Xbox was achieved, although users could only use voice chat. Now they are going one step further and gamers will be able to stream their Xbox X|S Series or Xbox One games directly to Discord servers. Nitro subscribers can access to stream games in 1080p and with increased speeds.

The possibility of integrating Xbox with Discord in this way will allow the transmission of games to their communities in a very simple way. This is one more way to interact with other users. Currently Discord users can use the capture and share feature to stream via Twitch and YouTube. However, with the new collaboration with Discord, sharing your games will now be much simpler.

To stream, users must have their Discord account connected to their Xbox account. To do this, go to user settings and then select the Connections option. Once the integration is done, the user will only have to open the menu, choose the Parties and Chats option and select Discord. Then choose the server, click on Broadcast game and the transmission will start.

It should be considered that there are already comments from some Xbox Insiders on Reddit about this experience. Some commented that the transmission was not running smoothly and others said that they could not connect at all.

Will there be more such collaborations in the future?

Everything seems to indicate that the collaborations between Microsoft and Discord are here to stay. From Discord they stated that they continue to work so that players can connect, talk and play with their friends. For the moment, no further news has been announced, although they assured that by the end of this year there will surely be new updates.