Addicted to cell phones? Google designed an “envelope” to avoid being one

Recently, Google designed a kind of paper envelope the precise size of a cell phone. This, in a few words, serves to hide the phones and thus help those who can not stop seeing them at every moment and finally, disconnect for a certain time from the sometimes toxic digital world.

Well, if we have already caught your attention and you want to know how it works, pay close attention, here we tell you everything.

The first step is to print a PDF document, in which the envelope is drawn, you can find it on Google’s website. Afterwards, you cut out the template and follow the instructions to assemble it.

Image courtesy of Google, all rights reserved.

Once you have assembled it, you must download an app called “Envelope”. And so, when the person is exhausted from using their cell phone and wants to focus their attention on other activities, they only have to activate the rest system, insert it inside the envelope and seal it. That’s all!

Ah! But there is something important you should know, currently this envelope is only compatible with the Google Pixel 3a cell phone, if you have it congratulations! If not, the company stated that it will soon be extended to other models.

If you are constantly checking your cell phone, it’s time to find a balance with technology.

The initiative of the London-based studio “Special Projects” is part of Google’s “digital well-being” platform. It conducts experiments with the goal of helping people “find balance with technology”.

Once inside the envelope, the cell phone is completely transformed, so it ceases to be “smart” and becomes a basic device that only works to make calls (through the printed buttons that light up). However, it is also possible to take photos or videos, but these can only be viewed when the phone is removed from the envelope.

Image courtesy of Google, all rights reserved.

In the presentation of the project on Google’s website, they communicate that:

“Many people feel they spend too much time on their cell phones and struggle to find a balance with technology.”

It is for this reason that the technology giant made the decision to create this object, due to a current trend of people who are buying a second cell phone that is simpler, (as the first versions of Nokia) and be able to use them during the weekends or vacations.

Finally, you should know that there are also some companies such as Distractagone and Yondr that already market envelopes and boxes with special locks to seal the cell phone, perhaps during a meeting or a musical concert.

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