The mystery of the “beauty effect” in the iPhone XS Max cameras.

Beauty is something that has been studied for thousands of years and we have been trying to reach it. The ancient Greek philosophy of beauty has generated debates that to date remain unanswered, so much so that several conspiracies have been generated. The beauty effect of the iPhone XS Max has been on everyone’s lips.

What is the beauty effect of the iPhone XS Max?

Last September the world was shown the new mobile devices of the Californian Apple. As usual, these mobiles began to circulate a week later, causing the brand’s fans to renew lining up in stores around the world. But, as always, these launches generate debate.

Social media users started uploading pictures of the selfies taken by the iPhone XS Max. It should be noted that it is obvious that the camera was going to present new features and advances compared to previous models, but users of these networks accused that the mobile had a ”beauty effect”.

The beauty effect of the iPhone XS Max, according to users, is something quite evident. The new photographs showed more color, but the interesting thing is that, according to Internet users, it gave the photographed person more beauty, even eliminating facial imperfections and making the skin smoother and more uniform without the need for makeup.

This ”filter” is not set to any option, and in fact users report that it is not lost when you choose a special filter to take the picture. ”it is an imposition of the same brand, which now wants to sell beauty to users” according to a twitter post where a user was fueling the conspiracy.

The point of the beauty effect theory is this: For years now, Apple has been trying to sell users more than just cutting-edge technologies: social status and the attempt to be part of something. This has been gradually being lost thanks to the fact that more companies have been growing among the upper class, so now the Californian company is trying to sell beauty, that is, that users buy iPhone phones because it ”makes” them more beautiful.

The specialists’ response.

Although it is not proven in the iPhone code that there is a beauty effect, specialized magazines began to analyze the camera of Apple’s cell phone. First, they mention that the lens of the new model is much better than that of past products, so it is normal to see more sharpness in photographs.

In addition, thanks to the increase in Megapixels it is possible to capture warmer colors than other brands, so it is possible to have more color in faces. They also mention that, for the first time, the selfie camera features HDR technology, so brightness and light are present.

There is no official response from Apple about the beauty effect of the iPhone XS Max, so the debate will continue on social media. Do you have an iPhone model? Have you noticed the change?

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