Arguments about the Alex Jones veto

The Internet, the instantaneous means of communication that over the years has become the official source of information for many people. Thanks to the advent of the Smartphone, information takes seconds to reach everyone, so conspiracy theories began to be more ”known”. Alex Jones’ veto is subject to debate, as he is one of the best-known English-speaking conspiracists.

Possible reasons for Alex Jones’ veto

Understanding the U.S. political context is paramount to knowing what Alex was doing. In the USA there are Democrats and Republicans, but there is a more extreme branch of both political currents: the ultra-left and the ultra-right. Alex Jones was an avowed ultra-right-winger, using the internet to rant against political opponents and creating the craziest conspiracies.

Alex Jones’ veto began in August last year, when Apple mentioned that the conspiracist’s account would be suspended because it ”did not represent the company’s values.” Internet users, both for and against the measure, started one of the most memorable debates on social networks.

why did the Alex Jones veto happen? It’s a topic that has haunted Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for months, and here are some of the arguments that have been gleaned from some conspiracy theorists across the world.

1.- Disinformation: It is clear that Alex Jones promoted disinformation on social networks; just remember when he launched the fake new that mentioned that Hillary Clinton had a pedophile network in a pizzeria. Facebook mentions that it banned Alex because he promoted disinformation, which is the most credible so far, but maybe there’s more to it.

2.- The power struggle: Some arguments of neutral and supportive people of Alex Jones were expressed in social networks after his veto. Basically they have a simple but compelling argument: There are pages and profiles on social networks that have created fake news that went more viral than Alex’s, and these profiles are still active. They say this is because the left censored the infowars portal for fear of leaking information that would compromise many companies.

The gun debate: One of the hottest debates in the USA is over the free sale of guns. A strong argument from many people is that this measure has led to school shootings. Alex Jones leaked the information that the Sandy Hooks school shooting in 2012 was armed and acted out by the parents of this high school, showing a short video where one of the parents is seen ”happy” before the interview. One of the possible reasons for the veto was precisely this.

Alex Jones’ veto has created hundreds of conspiracy theories around the internet, for which arguments will continue to circulate all over the internet, both in Facebook posts and Youtube videos.

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