The future of television is here: screen size can be decided and it will be rollable

The technology that will be used for the incoming TVs will allow users to be able to determine the shape and size of the TV device. There will also be devices that can be easily rolled up when not in use to maximize the use of space.

These visions of popular home entertainment devices were presented by giants Samsung and LG during the CES show held in Las Vegas, USA, during the first days of January.

MicroLED technology

In any case, the MicroLED technology employed for these unusual devices by Samsung allows users to participate in such a way that they will be able to choose both the size and the shape they want the TV to have. The displays are composed of individual modules of microLED emitters. In turn, these modules are composed of microscopic LED chips that produce stunning image quality.

This technology was presented by the Asian electronics giant at the same fair but in the 2018 edition. For this year, the novelty is that the space between the microscopic chips between one module and another has been reduced in such a way as to create smaller formats that allow users to choose the size of their device. Samsung has not yet announced when it will be available on the market, nor has it provided any further information on possible prices.

A TV that rolls up

On the other hand, LG presented the first roll-up TV. The model, called LG Signature OLED TV R, was unveiled at the same show. Its peculiar design is designed so that it does not take up space when not in use, as it remains hidden in a kind of sober box.

As if by magic, the presenters showed how the unique device appears or disappears according to the user’s needs. Last year, LG had previewed some of this technological breakthrough, showing a TV as thin as wallpaper. But it is only this year that it formally presented the star model whose most outstanding feature is its ability to roll up and disappear.

The equipment measures 75 inches. During the presentation it was detailed that it has three modes or functionalities to be used. The “Full View”, which allows the screen to be viewed in the more traditional way. The “Line View”, which allows partial display of the screen: you can view different applications, listen to music or see the time. Photos will also be available. Finally, the “Zero View”, which hides the screen completely, but actions such as listening to music can be performed, since it has a powerful sound output.

Although this TV is one of the star products shown at the consumer technology fair, the South Korean company did not want to advance the exact launch date of the device, nor its price, although the latent promise is that it will be “very soon”.

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