The Coca-Cola brand uses artificial intelligence to create the flavor of the future of this soft drink.

The world-renowned soft drink brand Coca-Cola has enlisted the help of artificial intelligence. They have used it to create one of the hypothetical flavors that could appeal to the population of the future. Today, it is increasingly common for large companies to rely on new marketing strategies in which artificial intelligence tools collaborate.

The soft drink company’s new experimental beverage is called Coca-Cola Y3000.

Coca-Cola launched the prototype of the new Coca-Cola Y3000 last September. Thus, they have joined a multitude of businesses that seek to surprise thanks to marketing techniques that can generate more novel ideas and more relevant advertising. Their search for new products continually surprises consumers who are eager for new products.

Coca-Cola ‘s purpose in creating this artificially intelligent prototype is to emulate a new flavor. They have tried to create the one that is estimated to be the favorite in the year 3000.

The drink, which has been launched as a limited edition, was produced thanks to the Stable Diffusion tool from
artificial intelligence
. To arrive at the flavor combination, the brand’s product creation experts relied on the opinions of several international fans.

Coca-Cola wanted to create a hybrid beverage that would merge the tastes of artificial intelligence with those of human intelligence. According to the statement released by the company itself thanks to the collaboration of Oana Vlad, the brand’s senior director of global strategy, the brand’s aspirations were to create a beverage that reflected what fans imagined this soft drink would be like in several years’ time. The product seeks to recreate their emotions, aspirations, colors, flavors and more, all combined with the recommendations provided by artificial intelligence.

According to the company, its desire is for the beverage to remain as relevant and refreshing as it is today, but in the year 3000. Something that led them to recreate this experiment, challenging themselves to explore the concept of what the Coca-Cola of the future might look like.

This is the design of the new Coca-Cola created by artificial intelligence.

Coca-Cola Y3000 is presented in a 33 centiliter can format. It looks very bright and displays the Creations logo on a background of effervescent bubbles. Another new feature of the advertising on the can is that the Coca-Cola logo has been created with a dot pattern. This is intended to represent the human diversity existing on the planet. All coming together and united.

The ad design was created by human specialists and with the help of artificial intelligence. In the teaser of this limited edition, the liquid of the drink is shown in a changing and suggestive dance with various shades of color.

Thus, a new idea has been presented in which artificial intelligence has also played a role. Something that seems to be convincing large companies, seeing in it a very accessible tool to obtain new and increasingly surprising projects. Thus having the opportunity to leave consumers wanting to discover more novelties. Will companies achieve successful products using artificial intelligence?

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