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Tesla robot attacks engineer in Texas

Un robot de Tesla ataca a un ingeniero en Texas

In recent weeks it became known that a Tesla robot caused a multitude of problems for the company’s Elon Musk. And one of them attacked one of the engineers working at the company’s factory, in Texas, in the year 2021 and nothing was known about this intriguing event. The unexpected confrontation between the Tesla robot and the engineer created quite a stir at the facility. The robot left the worker with injuries to several areas of his body.

After learning of the incident, many are wondering if Elon Musk is really betting on the creation of totally safe robots for the population. Inevitably, there has been much debate about whether or not the development of humanoid robots could be ethical and whether or not they would be functional for everyone.

How did the incident with the Tesla robot go?

It all happened when Tesla’ s robot surprised the engineer by grabbing him too hard by the arm and back. It seemed that the robot wanted to practice a kind of human embrace by miscalculating what it should do. The engineer was simply on the job, programming several assembly robots dedicated to cutting parts.

TheNew York Post shared the story that two of the plant’s robots had previously been deactivated. All this to support the work and safety of the assembly line. Due to a control failure, a third Tesla robot accidentally became operational, causing the alleged attack. Although the worker was injured, he escaped the situation thanks to the help of a co-worker. The man managed to activate the emergency stop button, deactivating the robot at the fatal moment of his aggression. Unfortunately, after being assaulted, the engineer fell down a duct in which aluminum debris was deposited.

What did Elon Musk think of this information infiltration?

Following this incident, Elon Musk did not make much of a statement. On Tesla’ s robot acting in a strange and unpredictable manner, he commented that no safety breach had been committed.

In reality, everyone, after these few statements, was left wondering if this was real or if it became a pre-planned marketing strategy. It is still anyone’s guess what Musk will bring with his upcoming robots and what they will do in his presentations.

It is common knowledge that one of the entrepreneur’s favorite activities is to create all kinds of innovations and surprises. However, some of Elon Musk ‘s credibility has been compromised, causing many to doubt whether his company’s work environments are safe for all workers.

Elon Musk clarifies that Optimus robot did not assault anyone

Musk also wanted to show his bewilderment at the delay with which the news has spread internationally. To avoid misunderstandings, he wanted to clarify that the incident that has become popular was not caused by his latest Optimus robot, but by the industrial robotic arm Kukastandard. Thus avoiding the proliferation of rumors in various media about the lack of effectiveness of its most modern humanoid robot.