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Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s humanoid robot: Optimus Gen 2

Elon Musk presenta al robot humanoide de Tesla: Optimus Gen 2

The new Optimus Gen 2 robot has been created with the purpose of being able to replace human labor in the future. This new prototype has become a focus of attention because of the many advances it contains over previous projects such as Bumblebee.

What can Optimus Gen 2 do?

Optimus Gen 2 is equipped with new sensors and actuators, making it more precise and capable of any command and movement. In fact, the robot is able to pick up an egg from a table without breaking the shell. Tesla has shared that Optimus Gen 2 is much more flexible, especially in the part that corresponds to the neck, offering movements much closer to humans, which are more natural.

Thanks to the improvements the company has made, Optimus Gen 2 is able to walk up to 30% faster. Tesla has confirmed that it still lacks many improvements to be similar to a person moving the lower limbs. During the presentation of the humanoid robot, it also performed a sample squat, something that demonstrates the evolution of Optimus Gen 2 by being significantly lighter. The latest prototype already features mimics of human joints, as well as neck and knee joints, something that makes it quite close.

Will Optimus Gen 2 be the future of Tesla?

Elon Musk is betting on the creation of highly realistic and autonomous humanoid robots to grow the company, stating in the previous presentation of the Tesla Optimus that the future of the company will depend on the development of these new prototypes. According to the company’s own estimates, in the near future demand for Optimus Gen 2 and its variants could reach 10 to 20 billion units.

Despite all this and the positivity with which Tesla has spoken about its latest humanoid robot prototype, it still lacks the integration of artificial intelligence that will help it perform all kinds of actions related to movement and task accomplishment.

Optimus Gen 2 will initially be priced at $20,000. And if everything continues as it is now and its improvements are made without stops, it could be on the market within a few years, although it is not known whether the price will be maintained or will undergo some variation due to the research. Only with time will we know.

A future with humanoid robots among the human population is more than likely.

According to Elon Musk, the future may see the domestic use of humanoid robots, as well as their support in industrial sectors. In his own opinion: What I think Tesla brings to the table that others don’t is the possibility of implementing artificial intelligence in the real world.

We will see if Tesla will really manage to position itself as one of the benchmarks in the creation of humanoid-looking robots and what this will cause in society. It is still too early to speculate on how this will impact jobs and job performance.