Startup wants to develop headset to observe the human brain

NextSense is a startup that aims to develop a headset to collect brain data. The company aims to uncover all the mysteries of the so-called “gray matter”. Jen Dwyer, medical director at the company, along with her team, has been working on a tiny headset to learn about the mysteries of the human body.

This situation has been under investigation for more than a decade. Alphabet’s “moonshot” division is currently deepening its search for answers about the human brain. Capturing brain waves is the purpose of this headset called eFit Scanner.

Startup aims to enter through the ear and observe the human brain

It has precise dimensions and is adaptable to the human ear. With the size of an “Oculus Quest”, the scanner has two eyepieces and a camera mouthpiece, with the format of a long stinger. A stool-style brace is helpful in stabilizing the device.

Research startup

More than 30,000 observations have been made to date, according to the company. Like the nose, the ears are unique organs that grow with human aging. A major achievement in advancing this study is to recognize that the ear is the perfect place to spy on the brain.

The focus on brain health is the startup’s goal. Improve sleep, help patients suffering from epilepsy and, as another axis, enrich the lives of those with mental disorders. The use of these headphones has as main notion, to capture an electroencephalogram.

In this way, abnormalities in brain activity are tracked and diagnosed. Smartwatches come with apps that allow the collection of this neural data for further study.