Smart and internet-connected contact lenses, this is what the future holds for us

An IT company that specializes in “invisible computing”. He revealed that he is working on smart contact lenses, which offer an augmented reality display in each wearer’s field of vision. This futuristic novelty is owned by the brand Mojo Vision, and what it does, is to offer a screen with information and notifications. In addition, they allow the user to interact by simply focusing their gaze on certain points.

Smart contact lenses could enable wearers to have night vision. But they also act as a private interface to digital life. On the other hand, these would make the eye able to see the calendar and even urgent messages.

Smart contact lenses would not be just a trend, the intention is to help

The Mojo Lens works with a micro-screen, which, according to its creators, is the densest in the world. In addition, it makes use of microelectronics, which is very necessary to condense everything required for an augmented reality display into a single lens.

According to the company, these contact lenses were being developed in complete secrecy for a decade. But, apart from the novelty, they have an underlying intention: to help people with visual impairment, such as macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, by making use of enhanced image overlays.

This futuristic technology has already been approved by the U.S. health authorities. in the medical device category.

According to Steve Sinclair, senior vice president of the Saratoga, California-based sturtup regarding the people these contact lenses can help:

“These are people who are not covered by technology today.”

Drew Perkins, the company’s chief executive officer, added that:

“Mojo has a vision for invisible computing in which users get information when they want it, but are not bombarded or distracted by data when they don’t want it.”

You should know that making contact lenses with these characteristics is not very simple. For you need to have the right sizes, the power to make it all work, plus a display and image sensor. That is, they must have everything from customized wireless radios to motion sensors for eye tracking and image stabilization.

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