Safe cities of the future, trends that promise a lot!

Until July 5, 2019, the International Security Fair takes place in Bogota, where some of the latest trends in this area are exhibited. However, the most captivating ones are those that have to do with what we will be able to see at safe cities of the future: posts with panic buttons, robust cameras that resist vandalism and others that allow people to activate alarms that reach the monitoring centers in real time.

But these are just some of the things that await us citizens in the not too distant future, because there are others that really promise a lot thanks to the use of new technologies, don’t you think it’s great?

Safe cities of the future: better quality of life for people

The meeting, which this year celebrates its 25th edition and has around 20 invited countries, highlights some proposals such as the use of facial recognition systems. This tool promises, in the best cinematic style, to help reduce the time it takes for the authorities to find a criminal.

This technology, which works with artificial intelligence and is known as Deep Learning. Es fed with the images of people who have been captured on security camera videos.

It is known in the security field that the more images obtained of an individual, the faster and more reliable the identification will be. However, with this version it is only necessary to have an image of the subject in order to fully identify it.

More stumbling blocks for criminals of the future

Video door phones: access to a certain place will be possible by means of an image that is sent to the cell phone of the person who authorizes such entry.

A system called ANPR, which uses image recognition to read vehicle registrations, was also presented. Ideal for parking management and intelligent transportation systems.

Internet of things: yes, we already know that this term is not alien to almost anyone. But this time, it is used to offer customers control of a cloud platform.

With an app and via a smartphone, business and home owners can remotely activate alarms and locks. Receive alerts about any unusual activity and thus contribute greatly to building the safe cities of the future.

Finally, the ‘Jammer’, which is basically an anti-drone gun, was on display. It can detect an unmanned vehicle and, if necessary, deflect or shoot it down.

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