Some “Megatrends” are going to change people’s lives in the future

We see technological advances every day, so many that perhaps many remain in projects, while others manage to get afloat and reach their goal as their ingenious inventors fill their pockets with large sums of money. Well deserved! These technological advances bring with them not only novelty, but also a series of changes, opportunities and, of course, an improvement in the quality of life of human beings. This is what is explained in a report published by Ernst & Young (EY) entitled: “What will the future bring? Megatrends, beyond disruption”.

Basically, the study presents scenarios explaining how the world is changing and what impact these changes will have. Human progress designs new models of life, restructures businesses, introduces alternative ways of working and transforms people’s behavior.

The report argues that artificial intelligence and robotics, for example, will reinvent the way people work. In addition, food production and manufacturing, as well as urban redesign and the reinvention of healthcare, will be important factors that will set the tone for the “megatrends” of the coming years.

These are the “megatrends” of the future

In the report, EY makes a detailed list of the “megatrends” of the future. Here we explain some of them:

Megatrends: Future of Work

EY states in its report: “What will be the changes in work in the future?” We see how nowadays many robots and artificial intelligence are replacing some jobs, so we must be prepared for what is coming and think about how some professions of the future will be affected.

The study says that 65% of children who are in elementary school today will end up working in jobs that do not exist today.

Megatrends: behavioral design

One of the most promising trends in the field of AI is based on computers being able to detect how we feel and meet consumer needs. Says EY.

“As robots and other technologies become increasingly real, social and mobile platforms are driving a revolution in human behavior.”

Megatrends: health reinvented

By 2050, the number of people over 60 years of age is expected to be around 2 billion or even more. This is why advances in health care are essential to preserve the quality of life of these populations who will face this demographic aging.

Therefore, the report states that:

“Genetic technologies, AI and the use of blockchain (medical record and 3D printing) will be present in people’s daily lives.”

Megatrends: tailor-made food

According to EY, the food industry will also experience major changes. Since it is already developing engineered proteins, it is also moving into biotechnology and introducing smart, vertical farms to generate higher yields in less space.

And what does this imply? For example, in 1960, one farmer fed 26 people; today, with the help of new technologies, he feeds 155. But by 2050 it is expected that with the agricultural digital revolution it will be 265 people.

Do you think there are other megatrends that will change the lives of human beings in the future?

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