“Nothing is real”: are we living in a simulated reality?

Post-human societies that have achieved a superiority capable of creating a simulated reality of which we are part but do not realize it. The advancement of technology that we are heading towards means that at some point we will reach the point where we will be able to create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality and that most probably, someone or a group of people have already reached that stage and have created what we currently know as our world, and which we believe to be real.

NASA scientist Rick Terrile stated:

“If one progresses at the current pace of technology in a few decades we will be a society in which artificial entities living in simulations will be more abundant than human beings…. If there are more digital people living in simulated environments in the future than there are today, then how can we say we are not already part of a simulation?”

Theories that support the idea of simulated reality

Simulation theory states that simulations are replicated and unlimited. Tesla owner Elon Musk has previously theorized the possibility that we live inside a video game of advanced societies and are the characters in them.

To say that we live in a simulated reality realized through computers is the same as saying that we live in the Matrix, hologram called by others, or even theorizing the possibility that it is actually a dream. In this Matrix something went wrong, or some “hacker” of the simulated reality has a bad sense of humor, and from these mistakes they adjudicate facts like Donald Trump’s victory.

On the other hand, nuclear physicist Silas Beane, argues that the programmers who create this reality are themselves simulations of other, superior simulators. Therefore, we would be a simulation within a simulation, something similar to what Rick and Morty have already proposed in their comic animated episodes. Or maybe in reality it is not we who are dreaming but rather we are the dream of a Supreme Being.

Conclusions simulation theory

Computer program, video game, hologram or dream, in itself what the simulation theory proposes is that our reality as we conceive it is not real, but is based on the artificial creation of someone else or of a superior group of beings, from an ultra-advanced use of technology.

The idea of technologically advanced post-human societies had already been published by Nick Bostrom in 2003. Today in Silicon Valley, capital of masterminds and the best in cutting-edge technology, billionaires have funded research on the subject, out of their concern to find a way out of the Matrix and thus reach a higher level of existence.

Until these investigations are successful, we will not know if we are really living in a simulated reality and are the product of advanced computer programs, or perhaps we will never really know.

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