Biohacking: Superhumans who will dominate the world?

There have already been several inventions that Biohacking has brought to light: Chips with the credit card implanted to be able to make payments with just your hand, injections inserted to create antibodies and avoid contracting certain diseases, a magnetic chip that allows to attract metal objects. These are some basic tools, but as biohacking advances there are fears of the possibility of the creation of superhumans that will dominate the world .

Biohacking is the combination of the tasks performed by a computer hacker, together with biology. It started 20 years ago, although its boom began in 2008. It is considered to be the practice of groups of scientists who are called biohackers or grinders, where they use technology and genetic modification to develop new skills and aptitudes in the human species.

Biohackers experiment on themselves, and several tragic events have occurred as a result. Scientist Aaron Traywick, a member of the Ascendance Biomedical company, was found dead after testing a genetic modification on himself to cure himself of herpes. David Brewster, who invented the kaleidoscope, died blind after experimenting with his eyes. And the scientist Alexander Bogdanov, died of tuberculosis after blood transfusions.

Biohacking speculations in the future

In the future, several other tools are being considered, such as genetic modifications to cure AIDS, or sensors implanted in the brain and connected to your home, allowing you to have a coffee ready automatically or to lock your doors without having to get up. There is even talk of the possibility of creating more senses.

Stephen Hawking already anticipated in his book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”, the fear of the creation of a new species of improved men that would result, superhumans who will dominate the world above others, with the manipulation of evolution being in the wrong hands and causing an abuse of the power of genetics.

The evolution of superhumans

The evolution of man is no longer in charge of nature and our ability to adapt to the environment, but in charge of a scientific community that creates supermen who can see in the dark, is it possible that this new race of advanced men will find the tools to subdue the rest of the population?

Night vision experiments have already been conducted, where Gabriel Licina, a researcher, underwent the test and managed to see in the dark at a distance of 50 meters for one hour. If only one group of people gain access to improvements in their speed, strength, sensory capabilities, and other advantages, there is a risk that all that part of the population that cannot access these changes will be dominated, or even exterminated. That is why Hawking believed in the need for laws to regulate biohacking behavior.

The human body and all the phenomena of the earth and all living beings are the product of billions of years of evolution, it remains to be seen what happens when man modifies his environment and voluntarily transforms his evolution, being able to have The result will be a species of superhumans who will dominate the world.

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