Motorola unveiled the One Zoom, the cell phone with four cameras

Motorola ‘s most recent bet presented at the IFA fair in Berlin, for Europe, and in Buenos Aires, for Latin America, is the One Zoom. This is the mobile with four cameras with “ultra large format” and four times more sensitive to light, being this then the most innovative product of the “one family”, which aims to “break the generational paradigm” with this innovative design and the latest technology.

According to product manager Martin Errante, this is one of Motorola‘s most evolved devices. Its design has a 0.7-millimeter finish in seven layers, the last one being stain-resistant. It is also the first from this company to have four cameras and to have a capacity of 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage.

Motorola’s One Zoom to make every picture shine

One of the device’s cameras allows you to take selfies with a quality of 25 megapixels, even in low-light conditions. Night vision incorporates a new optical stabilization advance that corrects blurred or shaky shots.

In addition, Motorola wants to captivate photography lovers with its 48-megapixel main camera that has a depth sensor that identifies shots. The other camera gives you an expanded angle of 117 degrees, which generates an image twice as tall and twice as wide.

The biggest bet that brings this mobile is its optical zoom, as this ensures ultra-sharp ultra-flat multiplied by four, which makes it ideal for taking large panoramas.

Its front-facing camera features Quad Pixel technology that boosts sensitivity fourfold to achieve high sharpness, even in low light. It is exceptional with respect to shots with a lot of depth, achieving high levels of detail.

Finally, here is a feature that could captivate thousands of users: Motorola ensures up to two days of battery life, thanks to turbopower charging. It has a 6.4″ OLED display, in addition, it has a fingerprint reader that works to unlock the mobile, as well as for other functions.

The device, which you can now purchase in either of its two colors: electric gray and cosmic purple, is priced at 429 euros.

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