Metaverse remains Zuckerberg’s big bet

A year after changing Facebook’s name to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg is highly committed to building the metaverse. The company’s CEO gave an extensive one-hour interview as part of the presentation of the “Meta Quest Pro” headset. The interview, presented by The Verge, was conducted in his own office. There he was able to meet with a Zuckerberg who did not have, along with his applications, the best year.

After the rebranding to Meta, user growth slowed and revenues began to decline for the first time. To this must be added a drop in shares to an “inexplicable” 60 percent this year. It should also be recognized that several low-priority projects have been cancelled by the company. In addition to this, different recruitments have been frozen due to the reality of 2022.

Throughout this process, Meta has been losing billions of dollars a year from the creation of hardware and software that is linked to the metaverse. In addition to all this bad year, the firm’s managers have had great trouble convincing their employees to use the flagship virtual reality platform, Horizon Worlds.

Metaverse continuity

In the talk given, Zuckerberg had to acknowledge that there is a long-term nature to this bet. The big issue there is in terms of waiting to earn significant money over a good period of years. This is why the CEO himself understands that “a decision depression” must be prepared. For now, what is clear to them is that VR and AR headsets will be the big computing platform, and it will be Meta that will drive this change in the technological world. Zuckerberg believes that these planned changes “are going to enable, I think, the ultimate expression of what we set out to do: create social software.”

During the interview, with Mark Zuckerberg, he was with his new mixed reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro. It was unveiled a few days ago at the company’s annual Connect conference. It is designed primarily for virtual reality fans. In addition, its use is being exploited by those who are projecting their future in working with the metaverse. Zuckerberg himself posited that “basically, this is a step toward the 200 million of those people getting new PCs every year and starting to do some of the work in virtual reality.”

A time of change in technology

Meta’s CEO, during the talk, understands that there was a big change with the emergence of the metaverse. For Zuckerberg, there are big changes in this last year, the first being that the world is no longer the same. VR devices, in their first version, are beginning to mature. The creator of Facebook expects that by the V4 and V5 lines they will be fully mature for the new times.