Importance of visual data analysis in human resource management

Human resources management is one of the main aspects that the management of any organization must take care of; after all, its personnel is its most important resource.

Building employee loyalty and reducing the turnover rate becomes a primary objective.

New data analysis data analysis technologies facilitate the management of relevant information and indicators. to improve the management of people in organizations. Get to know the HR indicators that a company should have.
human resources scorecard

Human management dashboards

Digital transformation demands the use of analytical techniques that allow data to be adapted to a more to adapt data to a more understandable format. For human management specialists, the power of information makes it possible to plan strategies aimed at maximizing the workforce and productivity.

HR dashboards are the perfect tool for the visual analysis of a number of key indicators in the HR area. allowing from performance monitoring, agility and mobility of personnel, to talent management, training, compensation and employee engagement.

Measuring the development of processes

In practice, data analysis allows for the detailed study of human management performance. detailed study of human management performance and its evolution over time. In a comprehensive manner, the dimensions and policies of the company are exposed, separating in different spaces relevant information for decision making and definition of action plans.

The use of Human Resources indicators avoids acting blindly; the development of processes or activities is carried out on an empirical basis and considering the needs of the company.

Resources and efforts to achieve results

Instead of monitoring different aspects, it is a matter of separating what is being done well or poorly and focusing efforts on the activities or processes in order of priority. focusing efforts on the activities or processes in order of priority and importance. and importance.

Reports are created based on facts; when information is based on evidence, subjective interpretations that lead to wrong decisions are eliminated.

Talent attraction and retention

Choosing HR management indicators. correct guarantees the exact measurement of the impact or quality of the work performed.In this way, the activities that add value to the company are identified.

Likewise, the costs derived from the recruitment, selection or training of workers are exposed, information of great relevance at the time of determining whether the return on investment compensates the expenditure made.

Staff turnover report

Human Resources reports are based on accurate information, which increases transparency. Whether it’s managing workforce performance or measuring the level of absenteeism, HR metrics can be used to measure the level of employee performance. simplify access to these documents.

Not only do stakeholders enjoy the ease of accessing information whenever they want it, but the data is presented in a clear and concise manner thanks to an interactive and easy-to-understand visualization. interactive and easy-to-understand visualizationThis enhances confidence in the company.

Facilitate adaptation

In an era marked by technology, adapting to change is essential for long-term survival. of any company. Appropriate measurement indicators promote the implementation of strategies aimed at attracting and retaining talent.

On the other hand, expose the internal gaps or flaws in theMost of them are linked to the lack of adequate competitiveness of employees. In addition to knowing and avoiding the problems that may arise, it is easier to change course in a timely manner.

Overall, all of the information obtained provides a better understanding of the company’s business and understanding of the business and operation of the company. Human resources specialists see the task of finding the necessary talent or enhancing the competencies of the workforce as simplified.