Meet Twitter’s new feature: “Hide Tweet”.

In an era in which social networks must be in constant renovation so that their users do not lose interest, and inevitably end up moving to another platform with which they feel more identified, Twitter does not want to be left behind. That’s why the App of the little bird decided to present important news, so here we will tell you what is the new Twitter feature, this will interest you a lot if you are one of those who love to debate in the famous social network.

The new Twitter function “hide Tweet”, will be incorporated in order to moderate the debates generated in the social network How? Hiding replies to messages that are considered inappropriate. And while it is true that the social network allows you to mute a user, block him or even delete his message, from June, Twitter will send the response that is deemed inappropriate to a “virtual drawer” that can be consulted, although not so easily.

Twitter’s new feature: transparent censorship?

With the news about the new Twitter feature, paradoxical as it may seem, the debate has opened up. For the option that will be incorporated could be taken as a form of censorship in a transparent manner exercised by the author of the “Tweet”, as it remains visible.

On the subject, a company spokesperson referred to the new Twitter feature as “moderation” rather than censorship. So he prefers to emphasize that, what is sought is to avoid inappropriate responses.

Donald Hicks, vice president of the company, and David Gasca, product manager, announced the news of the social network:

“We think of conversations as an ecosystem with different groups: the message author, responders, the audience and the platform. We try to balance the experience across all four groups and explore how to adjust it without over-correcting.”

For her part, the head of health in the social network, Michelle Yasmeen Haq,

“Some users try to keep the conversation healthy by blocking, muting or reporting, but these tools don’t always solve the problem. Blocking only affects the experience of the one who triggers it, and reporting only works with content that violates Twitter policy.”

Finally, Haq states that, with the new Twitter feature, the reply will not disappear completely, but an option will be incorporated in the menu in which the reply will be visible. The idea is that the author of the message can filter out the responses that he/she considers offensive, and keep the ones that he/she thinks are appropriate.

How about an interesting debate? What do you think of Twitter’s new feature?

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