Deceased Facebook users will be honored thanks to AI

Only those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, know how difficult is the arrival of a notification from those deceased Facebook users, such as a reminder of their birthday, for example. For this reason, the social network has announced some important changes in order to avoid such painful moments for users in general.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of the social network, announced via a statement that Facebook will incorporate a new tributes section for memorial accounts. In addition to controls for those who manage memorized accounts.

On the other hand, that they will use AI in order to prevent the profile of deceased Facebook users from continuing to appear through notifications or suggestions.

He also added:

“These changes are the result of feedback we heard from people of different religions and cultures, as well as from experts and academics.

We are grateful for helping us understand how we can build more tools to help people find comfort in times of grief.”

This is what the new Facebook tribute section for deceased users is all about.

This new section of tributes to deceased Facebook users will be located in a separate tab, where friends and family members will be able to share posts on the memorialized profiles. In addition, in a separate tab, you will be able to see the loved one’s old publications.

In his statement, Sandberg comments that:

“This allows people to see the types of posts that are most helpful to them as they grieve and remember loved ones.”

For those who have not had to go through this type of situation, what they should know is that, until now, Facebook allowed designating a friend or family member to manage the account in case of death. However, the options for managing such accounts were quite limited.

But now with this new update, designated contacts will be able to manage shared posts in the ‘tributes’ section.

Because of the above, it will be possible to configure who can post and view posts to.
“Help control content that may be difficult for friends and family if they’re not ready”
says the director of operations.

The artificial intelligence will work as long as the deceased users’ Facebook account is not set up for the tribute. However, it is still not very clear how the social network will know that a person has passed away without anyone notifying it.

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