Matchbox sized 8-bit game console

The Arduboy Mini is the new 8-bit game console that seeks to honor its predecessor and, surprisingly, for its tiny size. Inspired by the Game Boy, this console is the same size as a matchbox. Kevin Bates is the creator of this original Arduino-based 8-bit Arduboy. The main review of this device was presented by Kickstarter. It is a Brooklyn, New York-based corporation that aims to be a global crowdfunding platform for various creative projects.

It has a length of about two quarters, as reported by the Gizmodo portal in the initial review about the product. This small, handheld gaming computer offers most of the same benefits as the larger Arduboy. This, despite having a compact size, such as an OLED screen, hundreds of open source games and an exposed design, invites users to explore coding and hardware hacking.

Gaming console for nostalgic people

This tweak unveiled by Arduboy Mini does not feature a speaker or a built-in battery. In any case, the device has solder contacts that are clearly visible. In them, both the battery and a speaker can be inserted, which would be located on the exposed back of the device. On another topic, this 8-bit game console is powered by a portable battery that would connect to the USB-C port.

This Mini features a 128 x 64 pixel monochrome OLED display. This is in addition to a 16 MHz ATmega32u4 processor and six buttons. Four are located at the front left and are arranged as a directional keypad. Meanwhile, two are on the right that can be used as action buttons in the game. This is in addition to a seventh button on the back of the device. It is used to reboot the console if necessary.

Wholesale games

The 8-bit game console comes with a library of more than 300 retro-inspired options. All games are pre-installed on the small device. They come with open source code and were created by a community of developers dedicated to this world of retro entertainment.

This retro-inspired console is now available for game lovers to order. It is available through the open KickStarter project, for a cost of $29. The project surpassed the initial funding goal of ten thousand dollars within the first 13 hours of the launch, which took place last December 7.

There is a significant discount for those who purchase multiple Arduboy Mini consoles, such as a 10-pack of consoles for about $240. However, the delivery fulfillment for this Game Boy inspiration is unlikely to happen before June 2023.

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