Avoiding aging seems not to be an impossible dream

New approaches in biology, in terms of senescence, have been working to make the avoidance of aging something achievable and real. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there has been an increase in life expectancy in countries with better quality of life. Reaching the age of twenty has been a major goal throughout human history. Accidents and infectious diseases were the main causes of death at a young age.

Medical advances have been finding ways to prevent or treat some of the most common causes of death. Here we can infer that we are facing one of the great achievements of the human species. In recent centuries, life expectancy has increased from 40 to 80 years. Now, science is focusing on a scourge that is beyond death: aging.

Preventing or delaying aging

The information available indicates that more than 100,000 people die every day as a result of aging. This would be more than two-thirds of the deaths per day worldwide. There are several health problems that lead to this situation being one of the main risk factors in the world population. In view of this, technology is starting to work hard to make life longer and longer and with a better lifestyle. As the world’s population ages, the magnitude of death or suffering from aging will only increase.

This kind of prediction, which has been extrapolated as a trend over the last two centuries, seems to have reached a year of innovations. By 2023, the first drug in biology dedicated to preventing aging is eagerly awaited. In this regard, scientists point to the so-called “hallmarks”. They detail the aging process and the damage it causes to our DNA. The various technological advances allow us to have ideas on how to treat them.

A 2023 looking for more and better life

By this year, it is expected that it will be possible to demonstrate how anti-aging ideas can work in humans. An essential point is the work on “senolytics”. We are talking about a class of treatments that focus precisely on aging cells. We are talking about those cells that biologists call senescent. These accumulate in our bodies as we get older. The main objective of the new treatments is to slow down and, as a final goal, even reverse the process.

In 2018, an article showed the experiments that had been going on with these senolytic cocktails. With dasatinib and quercetin drugs, the aim is to work towards a better quality of life. Many companies are looking to work on this aspect in search of eternal youth. In 2023, the expected success of these treatments could be a revolutionary boost in the world of medicine. We are working, from the technological improvements, to achieve an efficient preventive stage before reaching the doctor with health problems.

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