Life in the truck in the 21st century

Great changes have been experienced with technology in life behind the wheel of a truck during these first decades of the 21st century. Corporate greed and supply chain chaos are also factors that have led to the transformation of how a truck driver lives in this new century. Living in an 18-wheeler trailer, with stops where dozens of trucks coexist, makes for a community, with its own particularities. Many times, these vehicles transport everything from animals, grain, oil or grass along the world’s roads.

Several hectares with commercial trucks have the same people detained all night and generating a particular relationship. Every place in the world has its own warnings about weather threats, parking insecurity and conflict situations. However, many moments of socialization are also experienced. Particularly, because they are older people who must rest at night, due to the letter entropy that has been caused by poor diet and decades of sitting.

Trucks as a way of life

Trucks have become more technologically advanced over time, both for driving and for spending time in them. The cabins have evolved to the point of being, in some vehicles, fully equipped single rooms. All the technology of the 21st century is intertwined with many situations that keep alive the traditions of decades past.

In this aspect, we have rounds of guitars singing, karaoke style, old songs and even hymns. This is in addition to or intermingled with technology, religious beliefs and fun times among groups of truckers in those moments of relaxation.

Today a truck is no longer that indomitable mass, largely due to the mechanical and technological improvements that have been added to them. The life of truck drivers, linked to long routes, is a very demanding one and the technification has helped to improve it significantly. Changes to traffic regulations in many countries have led to a lot of downtime and mandatory hours of being stopped for professional drivers.

Sacrifice and vocation

The older ones always carry with them the memories of a time when the characteristic was the tired walk and the thunderous noise. Almost unmanageable trucks that were difficult to master without the double clutch and the need for Herculean strength to master the steering wheel. But nowadays, the various conveniences and technical advances no longer require the physicist to drive these large transport vehicles.

Today, the big machines that truck drivers operate become a rewarding job. First, by not having to be away from home for long periods of time, with some exceptions, and because of how technology brought the parties closer together with the different applications and messaging services. The vocation of the truck driver’s life has had technology as an ally to make his “stay” on the road something full of enjoyment. Add to this the improvement of the routes, as well as the apps that make it possible to recognize the best and shortest route. As well as where is the best place to stay for rest or where there are other truckers to share a moment of rest.

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