Jobs of the future: this is what you could be doing in 10 years’ time

The issue of jobs for the future is generally always high on the agenda of major socio-economic and political debates. Year after year, reports come out about those jobs that are definitely tending to disappear, perhaps sooner than we might imagine. The World Economic Forum (WEF) released one of these reports and it is expected that by 2022, 75 million jobs will no longer exist in 20 major economies.

According to some technology companies, the problem that is currently evident is that they have vacancies, but are not filling them because people do not have the relevant skills. Because, definitely in an era of technological openness the academic degree is not everything, as the demand for skills is increasing significantly.

It is for this reason that the US multinational Cognizant has proposed the jobs of the future, to be more precise in 2029:

“In that report, we proposed some jobs of the future that will emerge in the world of artificial intelligence, automation, algorithms, bots, and big data.”

Jobs of the future, maybe you are in time to prepare for one of them.

Data Garbage Engineer

These engineers will be tasked with identifying unused data in companies. They will have to “clean them up” and incorporate them into machine learning algorithms in order to find hidden information.

Juvenile CyberCrime Rehabilitation Counselor

They will work in collaboration with young cyber offenders in order to rehabilitate them, and help them understand their talents and put them to use in other, less harmful work.

Head of Business Conduct

If understanding employee behavior is a challenge, in the near future it will become easier with the adoption of sensors and biometric technology in the workplace. Thus, this manager will have to analyze the data (behavioral, performance, emotional, interaction through biometric technology, personal sensors) of the employees.

Smart home design manager

With the rise of smart home technology, it will need to work with architects, engineers, and clients in order to design homes with the latest in technology mixed with traditional styles.

Defender of virtual identity

New technologies are used, among other things, to make all kinds of fake videos on the web. For this reason, it is necessary to promptly create defensive roles that may be able to authenticate their veracity.

Other novel jobs of the future include:

  • Machinery risk officer
  • Algorithm Bias Auditor
  • Cyber attack agent
  • Voice UX designer
  • Genetic diversity officer.

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